Log accounting at the stock of raw timber

The system is designed for online gathering, storage and processing of operating data about quantity and volume of logs in the stock of raw timber. This is an additional module The Stock of Raw Timber to the main log sorting program LogSorting.

Sorted logs are piled to be fed in a sawmill. Logs entering the sawmill from the indicated pile are automatically discarded from it. As a result, it is possible to track the information about the quantity and volume of logs which are stocked in each pile in the stock of raw timber online.

There is also a possibility to manually adjust the parameters ​​(log adding, moving and uploading, audit). As it should be after the audit, all further calculations about piles are held on the basis of these data.

Main functions of the system:

  • Forming the database about sorted logs, logs fed to sawmill and logs piled in the stock of raw timber with a breakdown by piles for any selected date.
  • Information on each pile separately: how much logs were sorted, cut, uploaded, manually added. etc.
  • Two operation modes: user operation mode and editing mode (allows to correct the parameters ​​of piles: log adding and uploading, audit).
  • Receiving reports on the stock of raw timber: current status and report for the period.
  • Input and storage of necessary system settings.

Database format is Microsoft SQL Server. Viewing, data editing and reports printing via web interface in any internet browser.

The main program window is shown below. It is the main form to display the piles current state, printing and manual editing. Window shows the information on each pile separately: name, percentage of pile filling (based on its maximum volume), the number of logs and their volume which are counted from the time of the last audit.

Log accounting at the stock of raw timber

One can also get a printable form on thestock of raw timber for a specific date.

Log accounting at the stock of raw timber

For correct program work it is necessary to make a series of settings:

  1. correspond each pile with species;
  2. set the “Volume” parameter in cubic meters, this is necessary for the correct calculation of the “Pile filling” parameter.

It is also important to properly configure the sorting table of the log sorting software (LogSorting), so that all the logs passing through are correctly assigned to the needed pile.

Log accounting at the stock of raw timber