Sawmill optimizers «Smart Saw»

Sawmill optimizers «Smart Saw»

The main goal of sawmill is to get the maximum profit of raw material. Now this trend is getting stronger. If the sawmill uses old technology and equipment, it can’t exist. One of the main value measures is a yield of a log. There are several ways how to improve this factor, the most effective way is the PC-based optimization of sawing on the basis of 3D modelling. In this way, the optimization operates individually for each log. The modern computer equipment allows modelling all stages of log by searching hundreds of possibilities accounting the yield of log and its cost, the allowance for edge and processing limits of equipment.

AVTOMATIKA-VEKTOR developed software for the following sawmill areas:

  1. Optimizations of log turn when feeding to the chipper canter of the first line. The VECTOR-3D scanner displays the log model. Sawmill parameters, sawing pattern, cross-cutting parameters, processing allowance of equipment are specified only once at initial setting. The running sawing pattern, allowance for edge, timber list and cost are specified by technologist when sawing pattern changing or when it necessary. When modelling sawing and simultaneously rotating the log we find the angle with maximum yield and cost of timber. The received optimum angle is set by PC in a task for controller that operates according to this task. All these operations take a tenth of a second and don’t need an operator help. The effect is 3-7 % depending on log curvature and ovality.
  2. Axial and angular center displacement of half-timber has an influence to yield of log. The more the curvature, the profounder the effect.
  3. Optimization of shaping machine. Here the best position and the side board width for each side of half-timber are selected.

As a result we can see the increase of yield by 20-25%.

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